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Alexandros Kaeris, an unknown hero of WWII

Kaeris was an upper mid-class family from the village of Messaria, Andros.

The family was also owners of the Kaeris’ tower found in the same village. All members of the family were highly educated. Alexandros Kaeris, one of the sons, spoke several languages and thus the Nazi occupation army chose him to serve in their Central Government for Southern Greece during WWII. Although Alexandros was perceived as a traitor by neighbors and others he secretively belonged to the liberation group “5-165” for whom he would extract information and transmitted it to the allies. The information was very valuable and it led to extermination of over 55 ships sailing in the area by the allies. In 1943 Nazis discovered the existence of “5-165” group and Kaeris was prisoned. He was executed in November 2, 1943. He was 30 years old.