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My name is Asimina Mila. Haloyiannis was my grandfather. I grew up in a typical sailors’ family of Andros where all my uncles were in the merchandise navy in some capacity. For a long time as a child I was used to see only females in family celebrations considering this is the norm in every family.

I remember I was 12 years old when in a schoolmate’s birthday party I saw a dad among the buddle and I found it rather strange. Eventually I did what 50 years ago would be possible only for the male members of my family.

That is, travel the world, work abroad, be a professional leader. In some perspectives, I thought this is the reason why I felt
more connected to the male members of my family rather than my female ancestors, for whom a lot of tribute has already been given. On the other hand little honor has been given to our grandfathers and fathers that although absent were so present at the same time.


Family Haloyiannis family was a product of two separate worlds of Andros. Haloyiannis himself was one of the oldest sons of Hala family, the most numerous Arvanites family of the island. He was sent at a very young age to Chora to work at the fields of rich sailors and eventually he became a sailor himself when a navy engineer, Melaios, offered to take him to sail.

We never found out how he met our grandmother, Asimina, who was from Tzioti family, a family name common to the Chora area. They both had very little education, and their lives were around sailing, farming, and staying devoted to their family and community.

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