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We created an all-inclusive holiday accommodation exclusive and tailored to each guest needs.

We have previously ourselves lived career-oriented, high-stress lives and thus we understand the need to spend quality time with significant others, create lasting memories, and most important recharge emotionally putting life back into perspectives.

What could be a better way to do this than vacationing in a small
village hidden in a Greek island? Immense yourself into the local gastronomy, ethics and traditions, admire unique landscapes, recharge under the glorious Aegean sun and let us worry about the rest. 

This is a journey to last even when it is over.


Both villas are located 4.5 km from Chora in the peaceful village of Aladino where one can get the feeling of tranquility, and absolute relaxation.

The villas are 150 meters apart in separate lots. This arrangement provides the comfort of isolation of different groups of guests but also the possibility of accommodating a large group who can use both villas.


Anedrada was built in 1934 by local masters using materials from the area such as schistolithic rocks and mature cypress wood. The current premises took the place of a smaller house that was given as dowry to Asimina Hala-Tzioti.

Thick walls, close to one meter wide, and high ceilings of over four meters follow the trend of the high-end houses built in the island at the beginning of 19 th century mainly by mid-class sailors and merchants. Typically these houses are located in Chora and not in the villages of the island. Since its construction the house never stopped being used by family, and friends.

It was even used during WWII for Aladino residents to eat sysitio, the meal distributed to locals by the Nazi occupation army.


Armoloe in Andros was built around 1820, based on our findings in the local registry of deeds office.

The last resident was an old woman, Anezio. She passed away some time around 1943. The house was, then, abandoned resulting at first the collapse of the roof some decades ago and eventually in 2015 after a severe winter storm the fall of the front wall.

Its elements are beautifully built following local builders’ masterpieces of that era. All the parts around the windows and the doors are constructed with techniques that have not been used in the island for several decades. This was actually our major difficulty to rebuild the villa because it is extraordinary difficult to find masters with knowledge of these old techniques.

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Enjoy our services provided by our well-trained staff who think for you before you.

Get spoiled in every step, all the way throughout your holidays.

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Our collection of excursions are tailored to your taste so that you enjoy the most out of your time in Andros.

Choose the ones that fit your interests, energy, and mood. Live unique moments, discover memorable sites away from the crowds.

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