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Chora’s beaches


August 12, 2023

The capital, Chora, of Andros is developed in a narrow rocky peninsula. The town is fortunate to be surrounded by sandy beaches both sides. The one beach is called Paraporti (with red color at the picture). It is a long sandy beach known to get rough with meltemi but wonderful when weather is calm. You can reach it walking down the stairs from Kairi square in Chora or drive around. The other beach is called Neimporio (with green color at the picture). Opposite to Paraporti it is calm even with meltemi and thus becomes very popular with locals in August when meltemi is common. There is a main road on the top of Neimporio that leads to the building of the Sailing Association of Andros where one can dine, and swim. All along the road there are more coffee shops and other commercial establishments, another reason that makes this beach very popular. Both beaches provide a beautiful view of Chora and they offer a choose for swimming for every taste.