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Foros Cave

In Aladinou village, just a couple of meters away from our facility, lays cave Foros.

It was one of the first caves that was explored in Greece around 1937 by famous greek speleologists’ couple Petrohilos. It occupies 500 sq m but only 150 meters is available to the public. The way to the cave is quite interesting as well as one has to park the car by a stone bridge and walk 300 m of a traditional path to get to the cave. People are allowed in groups of six in the cave and that gives everyone the excitement of adventure.

There are two possible explanations for the name “Foros”; the first claims it comes from the latin word foros that means opening. The second one refers to the locals’ belief that animals frequently lost in that area were the toll locals had to pay to malicious spirits to stay in peace with them.

Foros cave