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Laeno a century-old olive tree

Driving through the island one can see thousands of olive trees most of which are a century or more old.

Olive cultivation in Andros never had another use but for local consumption.

Occasionally, in years of a large crop some quantity of olive oil would be traded yet this was an unusual situation. Due to the local character of the cultivation there was never pressure for adapting new production methods. 

A remarkable note to this otherwise insignificant olive production is the name the locals use for the olive tree.

That is, “Laeno” for the cultivated olive tree and “Kosini” for the wilt olive type. “Laeno” comes from the word “elaeno” found in Homer that means the wood of olive tree whereas “Kosini” comes from “Kotino” the wrath made of wilt olive branches for the champions of athletic events.

This small detail is another demonstration of the long and rich history of the islands through the centuries.