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The church of Panagia

The one roof-covered by god’s will

Maria, mother of Christ and of all, is the protector of Greece and her name is celebrated everywhere in the country on August 15. But most places have also a special date on her name. For instance, in the island of Andros her name is celebrated on April 1 with festivities as large as on August 15. She is the protector of the island and her special name is “the one roof-covered by God’s will”. According to the legend, the islanders followed a light into a cave where they discovered a picture of her. They moved it to a church but then the night after the picture was found again in the cave. The islanders interpreted it as a sign that the picture wanted its own “house” by the cave. They started building the new church but soon they realized they had no wood for the roof. Soon after a ship was passing by. Sea was rough and the sailors prayed to Mother Maria to be saved. They were carrying wood and they dumbed it to the sea to save themselves. Next day the wood was found by the half-finished church and it was used to complete it. 

The church of Virgin Maria, the one covered by God’s will