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The Chapel of Virgin Maria, the seaborne


November 19, 2023

Virgin Maria is the protector of Greece and thus she has many faces similar to goodness Athena in the ancient time.

In the island of Andros, where there is a long tradition of merchandise navy and sailors, it is only logical to have also a church devoted to Virgin Maria the seaborne. The church is built on a small rock at the edge of Chora. Along with Tourlitis and the statue of unknown sailor are the “three must-see” landmarks of Chora.

According to the legend, a night during an extreme storm, the sailors of a boat saw in a distance Virgin’s Maria picture flashing. They followed it and got safe to the coast. The sailors built a chapel to host the icon. Interestingly enough in this icon Virgin Maria wears a blue cover instead of a red, which is the typical way in Orthodox icons depicting her.

Photo: Beato Eftihios

The Chapel of Virgin Maria, the seaborne in Chora