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The mountains of Andros


November 19, 2023

Andros is the second largest island of Cyclades. Thus, it has four different mountains Kouvara (997 m), Gerakones (760 m) Agioi Saranta (714 m), and Rachi (686 m). Petalo is the highest peak at 997 m and in the old days people would reach it walking the traditional path from the village of Pitrofos or the village of Arni. Since 2015 one can reach the peak by car. The highest peak of Kouvara is “Petalo” (=Petal) but just a few Km away is the second highest peak of Kouvara where the ruined church of Agioi Saranta stands. According to old-timers the church was a female monastery although some claim it was an area for monks meditation during summer months. N. Vatopoulos, a researcher specializing in the island’s history, believes the structure was used as an observatory along with providing space for religious services. There are two wells and the water is assumed that comes all the way from southern Evia. Currently there are works supervised by the archeological services in the area.

Although most visitors will come to Andros for the beaches, the high mountains with their separate ecosystems give the opportunity to the fans of mountain biking, trekking, and nature observation to live enjoyable moments.

Photo: www.AndrosFilm.gr

Kouvara mountain