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The tradition of “xoirosfagia” in Andros


November 19, 2023

In the old times, when the economy of the island was mainly based on agriculture, every family would have one or more hogs. Their meat would be the basic meat source of the family during winter months. The tradition is still alive around the island although not as widespread as it used to be. Even in our property the hog house was demolished a few years before the renovation started.

Xoirosfagia happen some time in late fall or during winter, generally when the temperature gets cooler. The whole procedure takes 3 days. The first day the hog is slaughtered, cleaned and the first products are made. That is “lardia” – pieces of boiled skin, “glyna” – the leftover fat after it is boiled and “sisira” – small pieces of boiled meat. The second day the hog steaks are smoked to make the so called “louzes” and the Andros sausages are prepared by stuffing hog’s intestines with grounded meat and local herbs. The sausages are hanged and on the third day and they get smoked, and buried in vases full of glyna to remain fresh for months.

You can enjoy this festivity in fall in the village of Menites, where the local club keeps the tradition alive every year. More here: