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Zorkos beach and the cave “Holes” or “Eyes”


November 19, 2023

At the north, less crowded, part of Andros there is the magnificent beach of Zorkos. The road is dirt and one should use caution driving there; however approaching the area the wide, sandy beach with the green-blue waters will satisfy one’s desire for an unspoiled experience. One part of the beach is organized but there is plenty of room for whoever prefers to seat on the sand.

Zorkos is a unique beach for a second reason. It is also home of the cave “Holes”. As the beach is on the north side, strong winds and the sea have created an impressive structure. The entrance to the cave is narrow and slippery. Entering and moving towards the sea one has a unique view of the endless blue of the sea as they seat at the edge of one of the two “Holes” (or “Eyes”).

Photo: A. Gardelis

For Zorkos go north. More in the map